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Mitch Berger

*Exploration * Discovery * Education

Mitch Berger is the founder of Guides of Oahu LLC and has over 30 years of tour experience throughout the islands of Hawaii.  Mitch has spent many years training in the unique arts of Hawaiian survival and sustenance.  He is considered to be Hawaii's premier master guide.  Mitch is often the go to guy for the filming of various Hawaii documentaries, TV shows, movies and even celebrity tours..

Mitch was born and raised in the great outdoors of the Midwest.  He spent his early years hiking, hunting, fishing and canoeing.  Mitch always had a passion for the outdoors and self sustenance.  He showed an unusual level of interest and aptitude for survival at a very young age.  At 5 years old, he started sleeping on the floor instead of the bed to mimic sleeping on the ground outdoors.  At 8, he routinely set up tent in his backyard with his dog, no matter how cold it was.  Throughout his years, Mitch sought out survival experts to learn from and emulate.